Shy Kitties Get A Second Chance!


The day after Christmas in 2011 we lost our beloved cat Mufasa to cancer. It was a devastating loss to us and our other cat Simba, who was 16 at the time. The two of them had become bonded over the 12 years Mufasa was with us.

After a few weeks we decided that it was time for us to add another cat to the household. My wife saw a cat on the internet that was at Animal House, and we decided to adopt him. His name is Jesse James. When we arrived we found that Jesse James was no longer a little kitten but a 7 pound boy and growing (now 15 pounds). We also found that he was scared of humans and did not show well. But, after checking out the others we decided to check out Jesse James one more time. Even though he ran from us, he did accept my hand for a sniff and then started purring loudly. The rest is history and Jesse James is getting ready to celebrate his second birthday later this month, with us.

A few months after adopting Jesse James we saw another cat on the internet that was in foster care from Animal House, Minnie (aka Minerva). This was a special case, a very shy cat that would need a lot of work. We fell in love with her picture and decided to adopt her and give her a forever home. We already had one shy cat, why not two! As was the case with Jesse James she was a bit older than we expected but that was not an issue. It was quite a task getting her into the carrier, but we did and she made it to her new home. We changed her name to Precious and she just celebrated one year of being in our family.

On December 13, 2012 we lost Simba to lung cancer. During the time Simba was declining, Jesse James and Precious treated the old guy gently, truly a family atmosphere. We now have the two shy cats that nobody else wanted. They are not lap cats but they are a lot of fun to be around. They are bonded and follow each other everywhere, they play and romp through the house, and when relaxing they hang out in the living room sleeping in the Sun or looking out of the security door at the world outside..