Black Beauties!


My husband got our first dog, Cadence in May of 2010. He went to the a different shelter and said she was in a kennel stacked on kennels 😦 After we moved into our house and got married I wanted to get her a brother to play with. While at my mother in laws we decided to go look at shelters and drove past the Animal House. That’s where I found my Cooper. He was named Gus, but didn’t even respond to it so I made it Cooper. He had been found on the side of the road and had been in the shelter a little over a month. I fell in love, again! That was April 2012.

After a few months I was on my way to my mother in laws and thought I’d stop in at Animal House to show off my boy. Well, I decided to look at the pups again and that’s when I saw Colby. He was named Rango. He’d been in the shelter two weeks I believe. I called my husband and he said “no way”. After a week of begging, Colby came home!

We now have three beautiful black dogs. They all get along great and have such different personalities. They crack me up everyday. My husband and I work opposite schedules during the week so it nice to not be alone at night.

I love Animal House because the dogs were not in tiny kennels. They had their own cute little rooms and I didn’t cry!

Thank you for taking care of my babies before I found them!!!